Based in Oakland, Youth ALIVE! saves lives by preventing violence, intervening in moments of crisis, and healing the trauma violence causes.
Heal From Harm Decision Tree
The Heal from Harm decision tree design is structured for visual ease of use to identify the severity of the harm in question, communicating with brand colors and color emotion theory.
Nick created a graphic for our new Options to Heal From Harm Committee, which focuses on creating a healthy, safe way to address conflict in the workplace. As a small non-profit, we are a community-based organization and do not have the funds to hire a full time graphic artist. Nick graciously donated his time, skill, and expertise to create a flow chart graphic for our staff to utilize. Not only that, he took time to show me how to use Canva so we can make changes. This effort is a part of our Equity project, so producing a visual to provide equitable access to information is crucial, but none of us had the skill or background to create this. We are so grateful for Nick for doing this pro-bono and even more for being such a wonderful person to collaborate with.

Angelina M. Gutierrez, APCC, Youth Alive!
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