Driven communications professional with a passion for organizational storytelling.
I have been fortunate to experience life and work in many areas of California, each teaching me a valuable lesson. Here are the top three things I have learned along the way.
Effective communication, at its core, is about empathy
People all want to be heard, seen, and valued. What issues are you helping to solve for them with your product or service? Communication efforts must keep this universal truth as a north star when developing plans and campaigns. Knowing your target audience is extremely important in all aspects of communication, as it helps you craft content, stories, and messages that speak to your following. Every communication project should have a clear purpose rooted in understanding this fundamental principle. Reaching this audience is the key to transforming them into ambassadors for your brand.
In a crisis, respond with facts instead of reacting with feelings
A key element of emotional intelligence is recognizing your reaction and shifting to a response aligned with your mission. When organizations or people react instead of responding, they remove the ability to be strategic. A crisis is uncomfortable; there is no way around that. Often the instinct is to stop the bleeding at whatever cost without pausing to examine the wound. In a moment of crisis, facts, strategy, and consistency are the keys to weathering the storm.
Done is better than perfect
Perfection is the enemy of progress. Both professionally and personally, seeking perfection will pause momentum and can be an extreme hindrance to progress. Does this mean that sloppy work is acceptable or that facts don't have to be accurate? Of course not, but in my opinion, valuing a positive result over a focus on a mistake helps to foster a culture of grace that encourages learning from error. Reducing fear emboldens people to keep trying and improving on a skill or task.
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