Unknownimals is a children’s book series dedicated to searching for famous cryptid animals across the globe. There is Betti, the Yeti who likes to vacation, Jessie, the Nessie who is very shy, and Biggie, the Bigfoot who wants adventure. Each exists but just cannot be found for these varied reasons. The books explore universal themes of belief, bravery, and friendship.
Betti the Yeti Where Are You?
In this fun and playful story Betti the Yeti goes on an exotic island vacation. The only problem? No one can find her at home! With a focus on the power of belief in the unseen, "Betti the Yeti Where Are You?" explores the world of cryptozoology and whimsically explains why the Yeti is yet to be discovered by humans.
Biggie The Bigfoot What Are You Doing?
In this Unknownimals story, Biggie the Bigfoot is an adventurous Sasquatch who lives in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Though his life is exciting, he soon wishes there was a friend like him to explore with. “Biggie the Bigfoot What Are You Doing?” reminds readers of the power of friendship and the magic it adds to our lives.
Jessie The Nessie Please Come Out!
In this Unknownimals adventure, a search party is looking for the Loch Ness Monster. Jessie the Nessie isn't a monster, but instead is a kind sea creature from the time of the dinosaurs who's afraid to be mistreated by humans. “Jessie the Nessie Please Come Out!” introduces the idea of bravery and the importance of being seen despite the fears of others being mean.
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