April 29, 2022
On April 19-20, Congressman Mark Takano visited two Riverside Unified Schools: Martin Luther King High School virtually to discuss the government's role in free speech on social media platforms; and Ramona High School in person, to engage students on issues related to financial literacy and visit the newly constructed wellness center.

Congressman Takano answered questions from students at Martin Luther King High School as part of a capstone project titled, Connecting Classrooms to Congress, which was co-sponsored by UCR, Brown University, and Ohio State University. MLK students submitted questions about free speech on social media and if the government should regulate it. The session was organized through Prytaneum, a web-based town hall platform developed by UCR that allows for genuine dialogue between communities and public leaders.

“It was a privilege to have Congressman Takano take time out of his schedule to interact with our students,” said MLK Principal Michael West. “This Civic Engagement opportunity facilitated by UCR was very meaningful and a great experience for those in attendance.”

During his visit to Ramona High School, Congressman Takano viewed the new wellness center and spoke with students, school leaders, and Student Assistance Program Counselors who helped bring the center to fruition. Later in the day, Takano met with a small group of students in a symposium-style setting to engage them on the topic of financial literacy in schools and its importance in helping to plan for their future.

“The enthusiasm from students, the level of expertise, and the depth of their questions during his visit make us proud,” said Ramona Principal Victor Cisneros. “We can be certain that our Rams are civically engaged and have a bright future ahead.”


Nick Hamre
Community Relations Manager

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