Black Voice News and the Footsteps to You Exhibit
February 23, 2022

On February 22 - 24, Lincoln High School and Arlington High School hosted the "Footsteps to You" Exhibit. The exhibit, presented by Hardy Brown, Chairman of the Black Voice Foundation, showcases a collection of historical documents and artifacts that illustrate the determination and bravery it took to abolish slavery within the United States.

“It has been my honor to spend time with RUSD scholars as we dig through primary source artifacts together and learn the historical empathy of everyone’s combined story,” said Hardy Brown. “To see the faces of students as they hold such rare artifacts in their hands and ask questions is the true meaning of education.”

As Black History Month comes to a close, it is essential to remember our history and strive for a better world. RUSD is committed to providing engaging, innovative, and equitable learning experiences, like “Footsteps to You”, for all students.


Nick Hamre
Community Relations Manager

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