Creating Community Partnerships: Arlington High School Adopted by My Dentist and Orthodontist
March 7, 2022

On Friday, March 4, 2022 Arlington High School was officially adopted by My Dentist and Orthodontist through the Riverside Unified Adopt-A-School Program. The Adopt-A-School Program, is an initiative created to provide a structured pathway for partnership between schools and community partners. The school community, especially students, benefit from the additional resources, support, and experiences offered by these partnerships. They also provide local businesses the opportunity to have a direct impact on a school, and form quality connections in the community.

“Adopt-A-School is a special program that brings community partners together for a good cause, said Board of Education member Tom Hunt. “I am proud to see that Dr. Patel from My Dentist and Orthodontist has committed to support the Arlington Lions and help carry their mission of student success forward.”

Dr. and Mrs. Patel of My Dentist and Orthodontist were interested in adopting Arlington to be involved in the school’s impressive CTE Program. The health and patient care pathways offered within the program, align with the professional expertise they will provide to our aspiring students through job shadowing and career days. The Patels have also committed to support beautification projects, donate to school supply and equipment purchasing, and sponsor award ceremonies to honor both students and staff.

“I went to a small school in rural Texas, but looking back, it was a solid foundation for what came after,” said Dr. Patel. “Our children, Shevani and Cayden, along with hundreds of kids, are getting a good foundation in RUSD Schools for the life that’s coming. We want to help Arlington High School continue to do this good work that helps students achieve success after high school and beyond.”

Riverside Unified schools are unique, and because of this, each Adopt-A-School partnership agreement is customized for both the school and the adopter. During this collaboration, partners and schools will work together to determine how to best connect partner resources and interests with the school’s needs. This relationship is a combined effort led by the school and community partner.

“Arlington High School is incredibly fortunate to enter into this partnership with My Dentist and Orthodontist. We are looking forward to the amazing opportunities and experiences that can be afforded to our students, and we are grateful for the kindness, support and generosity of Mrs. and Dr. Patel” said Principal Steven Ybarra. “Our community is certainly a better place because of their grace and we are grateful for their willingness to offer their mentorship to our students.”

My Dentist & Orthodontist is located at 234 N. D Street, San Bernardino, CA 92401. Are you a business interested in the Adopt-A-School Program? If so, please visit to learn about the program and apply today!
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