The Adopt-A-School program is a Riverside Unified School District initiative created to provide a structured pathway for partnership between schools and community partners. This program is intended for corporate and community organizations interested in building relationships with schools to support student success. During this collaboration, partners and schools will work together to determine how to best connect partner resources and interests with the school’s unique needs. This relationship is a combined effort led by the school and community partner.
Adopt-A-School Program Development
The Adopt-A-School initiative began at the Riverside County level and cascaded down to districts to create their iterations to help serve schools. As a Graphic Designer for RUSD in 2017, I helped develop the brand. Now, as Community Relations Manager, I have been involved in the reform of the program to increase accountability and results for our schools and community partners. This is achieved by implementing partnership agreements that list how adopters will support the school, scheduled check-in meetings, and storytelling in the RUSD news hub and social media accounts.
Adopt-A-School One Pager
I developed an updated one pager to help explain the benefits of the program for potential adopters.
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