The Abeba Collection
For Abeba, my goal was to design new collateral items that would showcase the newly finalized brand. I created print pieces that would be shipped out with each hand crafted item to ensure the buyer knows all the good that comes with purchasing ethically sourced goods. I also worked to create labels in Canva that could be edited by Jacqui to identify specific products and details. In addition, I worked on social media templates that could not only help her sell her products but also communicate the stories behind the people who create the beautiful products.
Abeba Collection Rack Card
Abeba Collection Impact Card
Abeba Collection Shipping Card
Abeba Collection Product Labels
Abeba Collection Insta Stories Design
We truly value working with Nick to meet our graphic design needs!  From the beginning to end of process Nick is mindful to really listen, capturing the heart of the project and maintain the integrity of the brand.  In addition he always makes sure that the project scope and price is determined on the front end - no surprise costs.
Jacqueline Gustafson, Founder of The Abeba Collection