Patricia Lock-dawson For Mayor
I met Patricia while she was a member of RUSD’s Board of Education. When I heard she was running for Mayor I was honored to continue our partnership. I was tasked with creating a series of one sheet infographics that outlined her plan for addressing homelessness in Riverside as well as a 10 point plan for economic recovery after COVID-19. Her brand was built by a local design firm and my job was to carry their design standards through on the pieces. Patricia is now the Mayor of Riverside helping to drive the community forward.
PLD Campaign Plan for Prosperity 
PLD Campaign Plan for Homeless
I first came to work with Nick while President of the Riverside  Unified School District Board of Education. The Board tasked him with an incredibly difficult job: refresh our district logo, update the logos of every one of our 35+ school sites and unify the entire universe of logos into an overall brand that reflected our community. Nick proved to be an exceptional designer!  He was able to capture the essence of each school’s spirit and honor the legacy of each old design, while creating something entirely new and fresh.  He is also adept at communicating complicated and sensitive information in clean, easy-to-understand graphics. The true talent of a designer is the ability to distill complex information into its critical components and be able to communicate that with graphic clarity. Nick is incredibly gifted in this regard. And, as a bonus, he is delightful to work with—I can’t recommend Nick strongly enough! 
Patricia Lock-Dawson, Mayor of Riverside and Former RUSD Board of Trustees Member