Living well
Living well is Brooke Elia’s wellness business that helps teach people about the positive uses of oils and homeopathic solutions. Our goal was to create an elegant and simple brand for her that would really showcase both her upcoming classes as well as promo material for people who become a part of her Doterra team. We also created social and print graphics that would celebrate their movement up the ladder to keep people motivated on their journey into the business of wellness.
Living well Logo and Color Palette
Living well Team Welcome Info Card
Living well Social Media Level Up Graphics
Living well Social Media Event Templates
Living well Level Up Postcards
Working with Nick was a blessing. He is uniquely talented at taking a vision and bringing it to life. He has excellent communication skills, responds timely to questions, and delivers on time. I am grateful for Nick and his design creativity. He exceeded all expectations.

Brooke Elia, Wellness Advocate & Founder of Hippie Lawyer Mom/ Livingwell