Bennion Deville Homes
My design efforts at Bennion Deville Homes from the very beginning have been focused on the modern aesthetic of the real estate company. Formerly under a franchise, the company had just rebranded when I was taken aboard to a clean, sleek and modern spa look that communicates luxury. In all of my corporate projects for them, I have worked to encapsulate that energy. Our design goal is to utilize white space so that the focus can be on the stunning photography show cased on the promotional pieces. I was also given the responsibility of creating the covers for our monthly publication "@Home" and have worked closely with the founders to create corporate designs and agent collateral pieces.
Bennion Devile Homes Independence Day Ad
Bennion Devile Homes At Home Collection Cover
Bennion Devile Homes @Home Collection Cover
Bennion Devile Homes @Home Collection Cover
Bennion Devile Homes Coastal Office Mailer
Sari Ward Just Listed Mailer
Niloo Shams/ The Shams Group Tri-fold
Niloo Shams/ The Shams Group Open House Social Graphic
Douglas Turold New/Sold Social Graphics
Image of Bob Bennion
Words cannot adequately express how Nick Hamre is missed at BDHomes! His upbeat can-do attitude, not to mention his outstanding skill set in graphic design and just being an all around pleasure to work with made him irreplaceable. He is outstanding both as an individual and a coworker! Wherever he goes , wherever he works, those around him will be lucky to have worked with him.
Bob Bennion, Principal/Owner of Bennion Deville Homes
I find it exceedingly easy to give a recommendation for Nick. He was an excellent person to work with and has a demeanor that was both professional and conscientious. A very clear and concise communicator. Always timely and detail oriented, Nick will be successful wherever he goes.
Eric Forsberg, Director of Technology at Bennion Deville Homes
Nick is a fantastic designer! I’ve seen him work wonders in any field. Not only does he have the eye for design, he has the people and communication skills I wish I had! He is my top recommendation.
Ashley Oliva, Lead Graphic Designer at Bennion Deville Homes